Who is This Guy?

Raised on a steady diet of Tom & Jerry, Star Wars, Freddy Kruger and Marvel Comics since the late 1970’s, Steve Chanks has distilled the very best of his distorted pop culture nightmare into a scantily clad, puss filled, pulp daydream.

With a drawing style that’s been described as Disney meets Mad Magazine, Steve Chanks has inked his way into such mags as The Illustrated Al (Weird Al Yankovic graphic novel), Anthrax Among the Living comic, Maxim, Revolver and Guitar World and has clothed the fans of bands like Mastodon, Lamb of God, Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold. Along with his best buds, Josh Bernstein and Erik Rodriguez, Steve Chanks is also a pivotal member of the art mafia known as The Number Foundation who are solely responsible for the ever idiotic trash culture rag, Royal Flush Magazine.

Steve can be found at various artist and punk rock flea markets hocking his colorfully kitsch and whimsically horrifying screen printed posters of monsters, pin-up girls, and rock & roll madness. 

Originally from the rough and tumble suburban wastelands of Queens, Steve, along with his heartthrob wife and daughter relocated to the Washington Heights section of Newburgh, New York where they enjoy staring at the Hudson River, day-drinking at Betty’s and Spirit Lab, crap collecting and tacos.

Steve Chanks Portrait